Porsche 911 test drive

As you may know Porsche is one of the most famous German car brands, building “the” German sports car since over 60 years now! Honestly since I never was in Germany until I got my international driver´s license in 2016 and I wasn´t much informed about cars there. But luckily my wife – yes, indeed she was it! – asked me to visit the capital of Baden-Wurtemberg and especially the Porsche museum. What should I say? I was infected by the first minute, I had to drive a Porsche still the same day…

So I googled through and found Motion Drive as one of the bigger rental companies offering the famous Porsche 911 as a rental car at several locations in Germany. Again it was my wife asking me why couldn´t have a nice road trip already the next morning and so we did!

There it was now: Even though it was the “old” model 997 this design is absolutely indescribable! Oldschool but modern as well, no too sparkish but able to stand out of the crowd. This is how a sports car needs to look!

Driving this car was even more severe: This beautiful sounding 3.6 liter engine compared with a manual gearbox made my feeling like in the old days of Le Mans. No useless gadgets, no heavy weight, just everything you need to really feel this car! I think I don´t lie when I tell you that THIS was the BEST PORSCHE I´ve ever driven!

We also went to the famous German Autobahn a few rental later, but that´s another kind of story…;)